God is already at work!

Around 3:00 pm on December 1st I went public with this idea to raise awareness of & money for Parkinson’s Disease.  Less than 24 hours after going public with this whole idea/journey/plan/cause, God planted me right in the path of someone who would validate this journey!  Wow — I was blown away, honestly.  So what happened?  Here we go.

I volunteered to help with the Reindeer Dash for Cash road race on Sunday, December 2nd at 1pm.  The whole week leading up to the event, I keep asking myself WHY I volunteered, as things were quickly becoming hectic & busy.  I should’ve known this as a Mom of 4 with kids in different activities.  I originally volunteered because I was sticking to my “TAKE DECEMBER OFF” rule I had made myself in regards to running, but I still wanted to support the cause.  Volunteering was the best way.  I signed up to work the Finish Line, you know putting the medals around the 10 milers necks & handing the dog tag souvenirs to the 5k finishers.  The COOL part, to me anyway.  When I got to the volunteer tent it was apparent they had plenty of Finish Line people but were short on Backup Time Keepers & Course Monitors.  A young lady, Maddie, had signed up to be a Backup Time Keeper with a friend but that friend was unable to be there.   I was standing next to her & the guy in charge looked at me & I immediately said I’d do whatever he needed me to do, so Backup Time Keeper it was.  I will admit, I was a little bummed I wasn’t going to place those medals around the runners’ necks but I had no idea what God had in store!

Maddie & I walk over to the finish line area as instructed.  Two other girls walk over with us…hmmm, odd as only 2 Backup Time Keepers are typically needed.  The guy in charge of “time management” (i.e. the guy from Precision Race) seemed stumped as well, but put the other 2 girls to work as the Backup Time Keepers.  He then spent time figuring out what to do with Maddie & me.  This gave the two of us lots of time to talk, small talk at first.  She’s much younger than I, a sophomore at ECU studying to become a physical therapist one day.  As our conversation developed, I told her I usually run in this race but that I was taking time off in December to prepare for 12 months ~ 120 miles ~ $12,000 for Parkinson’s.  Her eyes lit up & she says “My Dad has Parkinson’s!”  Wow, really?  God directly at work here, let me tell you.  What are the odds?  I got chills, people!

As I told her more about the plan, she got excited & volunteered to run in a race with me & to help raise money.  We then spent what seemed like an hour discussing her Dad & my Mom & how our families handle living with PD.  Her Dad & my Mom are different PD patients: her Dad, Jack, has young on-set PD and is no longer able to work (his former job had him on the road & driving is something he is no longer able to do).  It was comforting to hear another daughter talk about PD, even though our walks with PD are different as well: she was very young, school-aged, when her Dad was diagnosed while I was busy in my career about to have my 2nd child when my Mom was diagnosed.  Still though, there was some comfort to meet someone else who was like me: a daughter of a parent with PD, struggling to figure out how to help.

So when the race was over & our duties fulfilled (we ended up working the Results Tent, which was cool), we parted ways having already “friended” each other on facebook & planing to stay in touch about this journey.  Maddie messaged me via facebook later that night – she had already checked out this blog & the facebook page & found a race she wanted to join me in!  Later, her sister decided she wants to join in as well.  So Maddie & I may end up working together often on this journey, as she seems as passionate about this cause as I am.  I’m more than willing to have her assistance as much as she’s comfortable with.  We’re already throwing around some big ideas for fundraising & raising awareness in the area!  🙂  To top it off, her Dad is working on a logo!  He was in advertising/marketing & so designing a logo is right up his alley.  Now, how awesome is that — having the logo designed by someone with PD?  Can’t wait to see it!

I feel so silly now, when I think back at how stinking nervous I was on November 30th about going public with this idea.  I had prayed over “120 miles”, but I never asked God for a sign that this was exactly what I should do.  I was convicted it needed to be done without His giant sign of approval.  He certainly gave me one though & pretty quickly too!  How amazing is He?!

This cause also received it’s very first donation over the weekend.  BIG thanks to those who have donated!  If you’d like to make a donation, visit the Team Fox fundraising page here.

I’m very excited about 2013 & it hasn’t even started yet!


2 thoughts on “God is already at work!

  1. Thank you! My 84 year old mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2006. She is now totally disabled, physically and mentally. I had never realized earlier what a cruel disease Parkinson’s is.

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