Training starts 12/23 — TOMORROW!

The day I’ve been waiting for, for more than a month, is finally here.  Time to lace up the brand new running shoes I won at Rock ‘n Roll Savannah’s Expo from Brooks.  Gonna feel so good!

I haven’t run since Thursday, November 22nd — Thanksgiving Day — when I ran the Turkey Trot for Tots with my boys & suffered through it the entire time with ilitotibial band (ITB) problems.  *sigh*  The last 30 days have consisted of many nights of rehab workouts & stretching, along with some irritability & just down right frustration.  I probably took this out on my husband, Jason, & the kids.  My attitude can really stink when I’m not running.  I think I took it out on the laundry though, because I’ve miraculously stayed caught up with no more than 2 loads to do on any given day during this time.  Really odd way to channel my energy, but I’ll take it!

So why am I starting back running tomorrow?  Two reasons:

  1. I wanted to take a month off to let my ITBs rest & focus on stretching them out.  Today actually makes day 30.
  2. Tobacco Road half marathon training is scheduled to start on 12/23!

Tobacco Road will by my 2nd half marathon & is on Sunday, March 17th.  My 1st half marathon was at the beginning of my ITB issues & by the time the race arrived all I cared about was crossing the finish line.  I did, in 2:33.  Decent time, all things considered.  This time though, I’m shooting for 2:10.  I’m using Hal Higdon’s half marathon novice 2 training program.  The first couple of weeks I’m modifying it slightly so that I do not run back-to-back days.  I will slowly work back into back-to-back runs like I was doing this summer & early fall.

I’m nervous & anxious to hit the pavement tomorrow.  A huge part of me can barely wait, but a small part of me is worried the pain will set in again, that nothing has changed & my 30 days off were a waste.  If that’s the case, I’m really not sure what my next step will be.  I guess I’ll figure that out.  Praying & hoping for a GREAT 3 mile run in the morning!

Don’t forget to visit my fundraising page if you feel led to donate.  Thanks to everyone who’s donated to date.  Many more dollars to go though.  Remember, I receive zero funds from this.  All donations go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.


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