Full marathon chosen, now let’s hope I can get registered before it fills

After weeks of agonizing which full marathon to pick as my 1st (& maybe only), I have finally picked the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) in Washington, DC on October 27th.  Why?  First, it’s a tremendous honor to run in a race dedicated to the USMC.  After all they do for us & what they go through for us, how could I not feel more than enough inspiration to run 26.2 miles?  Second, the course has to be unbelievably beautiful.  Check it out here.  Third, MCM has a reputation for outstanding crowd/spectator support.  I feel this is something I will desperately need, especially if I run this marathon alone.

Registration opens on Wednesday, March 27th at noon.  Last year, the race filled up in less than 3 hours.  Needless to say, these time constraints have me a little anxious.  I have nightmares already that my computer crashes at 11:59am on March 27th.  Stay tuned for updates regarding a successful registration!

Please, please consider donating to PD research by way of Team Fox here.  Thank you!


2013 race schedule

Working diligently on my race schedule.  I am registered for races listed in bold.

1/1/13: Resolution Run 5K (Rocky Mount, NC) 3.1 miles, results  HERE.  Chip time – 28:29, placed 2nd in my age group.  My 1st time ever placing!

2/9/13: Cupids Crawl 5K (Greenville, NC)  3.1 miles, results HERE

3/17/13: Tobacco Road Half Marathon (Cary, NC)  13.1 miles, results HERE

4/13/13:  4th Annual Eastern Run/Walk for Autism  5K (Greenville, NC)  Register HERE

4/20/13: Pirate Alumni 5K (downtown Greenville, NC)  Register HERE

4/28/13:  Divas Half Marathon (North Myrtle Beach, SC)  Register HERE

5/18/13:  Bright Night 5K (Greenville, NC)  Register HERE

6/1/13:  Lookout Capital Half Marathon (Raleigh, NC)  Register HERE

6/22/13:  Flat Out 5K (Greenville, NC)  Information HERE

7/20/13: Historic Beaufort Road Race 10K (Beaufort, NC)  Information HERE


9/6&7/13:  Blue Ridge Relay (NC mountains)  as part of a team of 12 with Greenville Running Group.  Information HERE

10/5/13: Good Samaritan 5K (Greenville, NC)  Information HERE

10/27/13:  Marine Corps Marathon (Washington, DC)  Information HERE

12/7/13: Reindeer Dash for Cash 10 Miler (Greenville, NC)  Register HERE

3.1 miles down, 116.9 to go

January 1, 2013 started off slow since the kids decided to sleep in past 8am.  YIPPEE!  It was a peaceful, playful morning with the kids & hubby; but once noon rolled around I was feeling a little anxious.  My 1st 5k of this journey, the Resolution Run, was to begin at 2pm in Rocky Mount, about a 45 minute drive away.  It was overcast, cold & misty at the house, so we decided it would be best for me to go to the race alone.  I was bummed about this.  There is something about having those you love there at the finish line & since this was the kick-off to 12 months ~ 120 miles ~ $12,000 for Parkinson’s research I kinda wanted them there.  Oh well — 12:30 popped up & out the door I went headed to Stith Park in Rocky Mount on my own.  The drive gave me plenty of time for reflection, as I tried to not to think about the possibility of my ITBs acting up again.  This race would set the tone for the next few races.

I get to Stith Park & there are my parents to watch me.  Very happy!  🙂  I get checked in, bib #41.  The race began on the grass, about 50 yards worth.  I like to start near the back.  This one race I started near the front & all these people passed me.  I was like “gosh, I suck” & it sucked the mental life right out of my run.  From then on I vowed NEVER AGAIN — I now start near the back.  I’d rather pass a few than be passed by many!

After the short run through the grass, the route picked up the greenway.  Next up a really cool wooden bridge over the Tar River, that bounced up & down with all those runners on it (uh, slight yikes here).  The greenway continued adjacent to the river — under a main road, under railroad tracks, & under another main road up to the Battle Park area where we ran on a regular road, this was at about the end of mile 1.  This is where I started to kick it, started to realize I was feeling pretty darn good.  Maybe it helped that Taylor Swift’s “we^eeeeeeeeeeee are never, ever, ever….getting back together…” came on & I started to jam out.  I even caught myself singing out loud & I’m pretty sure the 2 or 3 I passed during this song heard me as well.  hee hee  Once we got to the other end of Battle Park we picked the greenway back up & headed back to the start/finish area using the same route.

By the end of mile 2 I was still feeling pretty good, but could tell that maybe I kicked it a little too hard back there at the end of mile 1.  So I slowed myself down a little & decided to just enjoy the last 1.2 miles.  There were 2 ladies in front of me & I was terrified they were in my age group.  I wanted desperately to pass them, but they knew I was on their heels & picked up the pace.  I just couldn’t.  Bummer, because 1 of those 2 ladies placed 1st in my age group.  UGH!  Anyway, we get back to Stith Park — finish line is in sight.  Oh, I forgot to tell you guys about my Garmin.  This was the 3rd time I’d used it (got it for Christmas from the parents — oh yeah) & almost forgot to get it ready at the starting line!  I somehow managed to get it going right before I crossed the starting line but then it got stuck on some funky screen that I had NO idea what it was telling me.  I just kept hoping it was recording my run!  So by the time I can see the finish line I really want to know how in the world I’m doing, but my stupid (due to human error) Garmin is still stuck in that funky display.  Frustrating!  About 200 yards away from the finish I kick it into another gear, but get passed by 2 guys & I can’t catch those 2 ladies in front of me. Total bum fest!  Until the timer comes into view & I see 28 minutes.  Forget the seconds — 28 minutes?  My PR is 28:00 flat, from Bright Night 5k in May 2012.  After 2 injuries & recently taking 30 days off to rehab my ITBs, how on earth was I finishing with the clock saying 28:something?  28:40 I think it said when I crossed.  Wow.  I was in disbelief!  I went to find my parents, some water & view the results.

Me & my Mom after I finished the race.

My name came up & I read my chip time was 28:29 & I finished 2nd in my age group.  Double wow!  I’ll take that as confirmation that God is blessing what I’m doing.  This is about raising awareness of & funds for Parkinson’s Disease, not about me & how fast or far I can run; running faster &/or further is just gravy!  I still have a long way to go on this journey & I plan to send out letters this month to obtain corporate/business sponsors.  Please continue to pray for me, they are most important!

If you’d like to donate, please visit my Team Fox fundraising page.

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