Divas North Myrtle Beach half marathon

Yesterday, April 28th, marked my 3rd half marathon (2nd on this 120 mile journey).  It was a great weekend with 19+/- other fabulous Diva women.  We had so many laughs!  For at least 4 of the women with us, this was their 1st half marathon; including my great friend Crissy.  I promised her I would stay with her & we’d cross the finish line together.

Divas group

Our group arrived in plenty of time to make it to the starting line, but the port-a-potty stop proved to be problematic.  Note to all runners –  keep stopping at the first port-a-potty you see.  Please.  It keeps the line I get in at the furthest port-a-potty even shorter.  😉  We’re waiting & waiting for everyone to get out of the potty & it’s like 3 minutes until the start of the race.  The National Anthem is being sung (yikes!), so we dash to the starting line & get in the first place we can….the sub 6:00 minute corral.  Ha!  As if!!  I couldn’t run sub-6 if a bear was chasing me.  Gun goes off & off we go.  Like any big race, the course was very full the entire route & crowded for those 1st couple of miles.  Since I wasn’t running for time (was hanging with my friend Crissy), I wasn’t as annoyed because I didn’t have to constantly pass people.    That’s a good thing.  I think it made the entire race that much more enjoyable.

The first mile or 2 was in the commercial area of North Myrtle Beach, but after that it was all residential until around 11.5 miles.  The residential areas varied & some of the houses were beautiful to look at & dream of owning.  We ran through a beautiful new neighborhood around mile 9 or 10 & a nice golf course area shortly after.  The DJs kept the music pumping, well except for this one guy who was playing some mellow TLC music.  The race seriously needed some music & enthusiasm at the end of mile 12.  Mile 13 was tough: on a 4-lane divided road (we had 1 lane) during a transition from residential to commercial & there really wasn’t much to look at or listen to.  That was the most disappointing mile, IMO.  Made the finish line seem so far away!  But once we rounded the corner onto Main Street & saw the finish about .2 miles away, it was on like Donkey Kong.  Checked my watch & it was just barely 2:39, so I told Crissy we could make it under 2:40 — LET’S GO!  We did!!  I am so very proud of her for running her first half marathon & doing so in 2:39.  Glad I could be there to run it with her.

Les & Crissy at finish

The best part about the race, however, was all the support I received from other runners when they passed us.  While I was wearing our group “Run like a Diva” shirt, I paid extra to have the 120 miles logo put on the back.  So everyone who was behind me knew why I was running — for Parkinson’s & in honor of my Mom.  So touching to receive all that support.  The running community rocks!

So I’ve now completed another 13.1 miles on this 120 mile journey — 38.6 done.  It is going by so quickly & I honestly want to savor every moment!  Donations are still needed.  Visit my Team Fox fundraising page to give directly to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.  Eighty-eight cents of every dollar you give goes directly to Parkinson’s research & is greatly appreciated!


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